The Happy Heads Deck | Lagom Design Studio
The Happy Heads Deck | Lagom Design Studio

The Happy Heads Deck | Lagom Design Studio


Say hello to the brand new mindfulness product under Lagom, The Happy Heads Deck. This little piece of magic was co-created with rad dads, marvellous mums, well-being experts and mental health advocates, to create something for young minds that would have a true impact.

Each of the 24 cards have been lovingly hand illustrated in New Zealand and are produced by a family-run business in Australia. When designing these cards, we've thought of everything. From the soft colour palettes and silky smooth feel, to the FSC certified artboard that makes this little deck of happiness kinder to our planet. 

Every deck comes with a wooden stand to display your child's daily affirmation and a special moon or star crystal that they can keep close. 

The cards have been intentionally created in such a way that they are suitable for from 4 year olds up to 12/13 year olds. The subjects included help set a foundation of self-love, kindness and so on for younger children, but cover a scope of topics in such a way that reaffirm self-belief, confidence and inclusion in older children.

These cards have been specifically designed for a wider age group of girls but can also be helpful for boys. Recommended age range 5-14.