Woolkin toys are made with a love of wool and a passion for play we are working hard to develop a range of nature inspired products for you and your little ones. Woilskin love what they do and most importantly who they make their products for, our kids.

Woolkin’s story began when they started having families of our own – it was then that we realised what was actually in the products we were buying our little ones. To us it’s unthinkable to make products with toxins and phthalates that can be harmful to the health and wellbeing of children, but that’s what’s happening. So we embarked on our own little adventure – to create fun, engaging products that are not only safe, but rich with natural benefits and made from renewable materials with responsible manufacturing practices. We hope you love them as much as our children do. 

Designed in New Zealand  

Here at Woolkin we design and develop all of our products. With strong design, environmental, and ethical values our team has developed an intrinsic love and understanding of wool and are delighted to introduce you to a new world of woollen possibilities. We are slowly building a vertically integrated supply chain from farm through to finished product, to deliver sustainable, world class products to littlies across the world. 

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