Q Toys |  Perspex Easel
Q Toys |  Perspex Easel
Q Toys |  Perspex Easel
Q Toys |  Perspex Easel
Q Toys |  Perspex Easel

Q Toys | Perspex Easel


Our toddler perspex easel is the perfect double-sided standing easel so two children can enjoy painting together. It is perfect for preschool and kindergartens and can easily be wiped off and reused. It is ideal for those budding artists to explore their creative skills.

Arts and crafts is a wholesome experience for children which offers them endless opportunities to explore their talent and improve their skills as they achieve developmental milestones. It is suitable for all age groups, and it also provides children with opportunities to explore their creativity. For children, arts and crafts play an enormous role in their development. Art activities can aid in promoting their fine and gross motor skills. Art experiences not only promotes social skills, but it also encourages children to work collaboratively and talk about their art which promotes their literacy. As children freely express themselves through their art, they are making decisions about what they are creating which helps them in decision making in all aspects of life.

Art also improves children’s’ focus and attention span as children engage in various art and craft experiences. It also teaches them patience as children explore their creative side. Art activities also promote hand eye coordination which is the ability to process information as children coordinate their movements to complete tasks.

Made from Premium Australian Timber.

Product will slightly differ from images due to change to Australian Timber.

Approx dimensions of product: 100x50x5cms. Weight: 8.2kgs

Recommended age: 2+

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