Q Toys | Hanging Fairy House
Q Toys | Hanging Fairy House

Q Toys | Hanging Fairy House


A small world play birdhouse is a wonderful addition to any nature-loving child’s play space. This type of play helps children develop their imagination and creativity by allowing them to create their own miniature worlds. With a birdhouse, children can create their own little habitat and pretend to be caretakers of the birds that come to visit.

Playing with a birdhouse can also help children learn about nature and the importance of caring for the environment. By observing birds and their behavior, children can develop an appreciation for nature and the world around them. They can learn about the different types of birds that visit the birdhouse, what they eat, and how they build their nests.

Approx dimensions: box dimensions: 15x11x30cms. Weight: 0.5kgs.

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