Our Tips on Buying & Decluttering Toys

Posted: Saturday 21st March, 2020

Anyone else feel like their toy ‘corner’ is growing uncontrollably and filled with stuff their kids don’t even use much?! 🙋🏽‍♀️.... Yes us too. What with huge numbers of birthday and Christmas presents, sporadic gifts from family members throughout the year, and then, of course, the random trips to Kmart with the kids where you just can't resist adding to the ever-growing toy collection! Toys then get played with for two seconds before getting dumped somewhere, piling up, creating mess and then often breaking (thanks Kmart!). Sound about right?!

This isn't a post preaching to you to never buy plastic, we are parents too, and realists and we love the odd trip to Kmart as much as the rest of you! But isn't it time we get a little more clever about the toys we buy and keep at home? 

Given the current climate with COVID-19, a lot of us are going to be spending A LOT of time at home and also won't be traveling for quite a while. So what better time for a #declutter of the toy pile!? 

We'd love to see people buying and keeping toys that aid their little ones into the realm of make-believe worlds, toys that stimulate creative play and help grow little minds!

We’ve put together a wee checklist of things to think about before you buy a toy (or things to consider during a cleanout). Check it out and let's all start buying smarter. It will be easier on the wallet and on the planet. 


🌿 Does the toy have just one use that will get 'old and boring' pretty soon?

🌿 Does it help spark little imaginations and aid creative play ie the wooden barn (pictured above) could be an ark, a carpark, a firehouse and a dollhouse - endless possibilities!

🌿 Is it well-made or is it going to break in T-minus 2 seconds?

🌿 Is it safe for little ones mouths and hands (ie non toxic paint or materials)? 

🌿 Does it look nice in their room and your home? (haha this one is for the mums!). But seriously who wants a room filled with plastic mess and conflicting loud colours!?

🌿 Will it last for years and can be passed on to other younger siblings/cousins/friends (or will it end up in the landfill in a few months?) 

🌿 Is it/was it made or bought locally? Supporting small businesses is always best, especially in these crazy times :) 

🌿 And get your little ones involved too! You could pour all toys out of the boxes into the middle and go through each item. Each one you could talk about and decide whether it goes into the 'keep' 'give away' or 'throw' pile! 


Do you have any others you could add? We'd love to hear from you. Check out our list of toys here that tick all the above boxes and would perfect gifts! 


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